Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grown-up Voices

In a book by John Holt called Learning All The Time, Mr. Holt discusses something I have found to be SO true for Reese.

"On the whole, kids are more interested in the things that adults really use than in the little things we buy especially for them. I mean, anyone who has seen little kids in the kitchen knows that they would rather play with the pots and pans than anything made by Fisher-Price or Lego or name whomever you will."

When I was gone one morning & Reese was with Daddy at home, they pulled out the real tools for the first time. Reese got to use Daddy's wrench, ratchet, screwdriver, & all sorts of great tools to fix his little truck, just like he's seen Daddy use to fix Austen's truck.

Now, I have purchased two sets of play tools, which are cute, but these real tools have much more meaning for Reese & it's plain to see. Same with the kitchen things...I purchased a great kitchen for Reese last year when we moved in, with all the pots, pans, play mixing spoons, etc. that I came across. However, if given the choice, he would much rather be in the kitchen with Mommy, measuring pancake mix, whisking pudding mix, or any of the other kitchen tasks we do.

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