Saturday, August 29, 2009

LOVE me some kid-spell!

Way back when, when I was a first grade teacher, one of my favorite parts about my job was reading what the students wrote & how their letters came together to make the words they heard in their heads.

Today, we were working on similies & my first instinct is to always write whatever Reese says. Instead, I handed him the pencil & had him write it himself.

I think it is beyond freakin' cute the way they creatively spell things. There is a time for proper spelling, & there is a time for getting your thoughts from your head onto paper...
Like when Reese was trying to spell "vibrations" in the picture above. He heard V-B-SIN. Very telling to a teacher that he is hearing the beginning sound of each syllable. The next step in the writing progression should be that he hears the vowels more often.

He worked so hard to figure out the sounds in that big ole' word!

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texasholly said...

I don't think I can spell that big word. I LOVE his handwriting! So adorable.