Friday, August 28, 2009

How Can A Bunch Of Wire Cost $52?

When it was time for Reese to pick out his frames, I was sure I could find a suitable pair from the $9 rack. I tried and tried...he tried on every pair but they just weren't right.

So we moved down to the next rack...the $18 frames. He tried on some big black rectangle frames that matched his big brother's exactly, but they were too heavy for his face and didn't work.

Hmmm...Reese moved down a bit and saw the Spongebob Squarepants frames. First, I really hate licensed cartoon products. No offense if you dress your kid in the latest Dora the Explorer jumpsuit, but it's just not my preference. I let him try different Spongebob frames on while I searched for something in the cheaper frames.

And then he turned around, and had the perfect pair of frames on his cute little face.

I loved them, he loved them. I looked at the price.


For some silly pieces of wire? Why did this wire cost $40 more than the other wire? Ugh.

I made my poor boy try on every.single.frame they had, and none of them were THE pair. Except the Spongebob frames.

OK...edit that. There were frames (for kids, mind you) that were over $200, but I didn't even touch those!

So we went with the $52 Spongebob frames (which frankly I don't get because there isn't one single of SB anywhere on the entire thing...there's just a tiny word that says "Spongebob" on the inside of the earpiece!).

Reese is so proud of his new glasses, and I think they fit his face perfectly. AND WalMart gives a 12 month warranty on the frames for any breakage so I felt a little better about buying a 6 year old a $100 pair of glasses (you mean lenses cost extra?).

And they're just for reading, so he won't be wearing them full time. Less wearing=less breakage!

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