Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Time to Remember

We got back last night from our Indiana road trip...

We had a great time visiting Jeff's side of the family at their annual family reunion, and we had so much fun on the road trip getting there and back!

There are lots of pictures to post tonight when I have a bit of time.

The picture above is us walking to the waterfall at France Park.
Reese loved playing with his cousins, &
it was particularly fun because this is the first time he's ever met any of his cousins before!
Mommy loved seeing where Daddy grew up.
Pretty much in the middle of corn fields.

My little out door boy was totally in his element...
see the shorts he's wearing in the picture above?
By the end of the day, those knees were stained with grass & dirt like I've never seen before!
I'm still working with my trusty Clorox for Colors to try and get it out!
More to come later....

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