Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Tale Of Our Trip...Completely Out Of Order!

I wish Blogger would allow you to upload more than 5 pictures at a time, because when it comes to trips and I have a bunch of pictures to share, it's so hard to figure out the order to upload. See, Blogger also inserts the pictures (five at a time, mind you) in reverse order that you put them.

So not only do you have to take your pictures five at a time, but you also have to consider the order you want them in because Blogger will reverse the order for each group of five.


So, today, I didn't feel like fighting Blogger or counting backwards a whole bunch of times to put these in the right order. So here's the tale of our trip, in who-knows-what order!!
See, like this one.
We went to France Park the evening after the family reunion to visit with Jeff's Mom, her husband, and Jeff's brothers and their family.
This was one of our last days.
But the first picture. Whatever.
I tried to get these three to smile and here's what I got...silly...

This was at the family reunion on Sunday.

Reese had such a great time playing with all the cousins/second cousins there.

Here, they found a pile of sticks and were making "fires". And roasting Crocs.

Up to no good I'm sure....
There were all sorts of games out. The bean bag toss was a big hit with Reese.

Same visit to France Park. We walked down to the waterfall & Jessie was teaching Reese to read the street sign.

The waterfall was really, really pretty...
This was the day we arrived in Logansport (Saturday).
Jeff drove us around this quite little town in the middle of a zillion acres of corn.
When we passed by his elementary school, I said we should stop so the kids could play on his old playground.
So we did.
It was a blast!
Nobody has these spinny things anymore. I remember as a kid playing on one in Zilker Park in Austin. One of my favorite rides. Guess it's too much of a liability these days for some places.
But not Rural Indiana!

We missed some pretty big rain by a day, but there were still wet spots.
Jessie stuck her toes into some water while trying to spin Reese on the tire swing...

Mr. Happy Burger (or Haps if you're a local) was a childhood favorite of Jeff's.
There are two.
We ate at both in one day!
This was our 2nd stop at the Haps that has a soda fountain.
They had "Phosphates" on the menu, which we've seen on the Food Network, so we had to try one.
I asked what flavors they have, and the girl said "Anything you want."
So I asked for an Orange Phosphate.
Nope, don't make that.
I ordered a Lemon Phosphate. They could make that!
The verdict?
Sort of like a flat pop.

Back to the family reunion...
Reese climbed this tree for about an hour with his cousins.
And how sad is it that this is the first tree my child has climbed?
All the trees in our yard are oak trees that are tall and straight with limbs up high.
This was a perfect climbing tree!

I liked this picture because Reese was just taking a break from all the running, climbing, yelling, playing, & silliness.

Here we are at the hotel in Logansport, IN.
Reese loves it when I take pictures of him splashing into the water...
And this was a great way to burn off energy from riding in the car for two full days!

About half way through our drive, we passed the St. Louis Arch.
I tried to get a picture of Reese with the arch in the background, but he wouldn't cooperate.
He really hates pictures sometimes...
Here was our visit to the first Mr. Happy Burger.
Inside they have a Happy Trolley for the kids to eat in, and
Reese hosted a radio show the whole time he was in there, talking to himself the whole time he ate.
It felt weird that Jeff, Jessie, & I were at a table next to him and he was eating all alone. But he clearly was in his own world!
When Daddy walked by, Reese stuck out his pretend microphone and said "Would you like to say a few words about Mr. Happy Burger?"

More pictures from the elementary school playground...
They also had teeter totters!
Except Reese kept calling them a "Cecil" (see saw?) and I kept saying it as we went up and down..
Cecil! Cecil! Cecil!
Reese, Jessie, & I were laughing so hard.
And then I fell off the back. Which was a sight to see and made us laugh even harder.
They are spinning really, really fast in this picture, but I forgot to turn off the high shutter speed to get the blurred effect.

This was a trip to remember for sure. The kids are awesome travellers and made the trip a piece of cake.
We stopped in Branson on the way home for the night, & played Indoor Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Golf before heading home. I would share pictures of Branson, but I didn't take any. Imagine a hotel out of the pages of Hee Haw, decorated in mauve & teal and you get the idea of what Branson was like.
The walls of our hotel were pink.
Very, very pink.

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