Friday, February 20, 2009

A Walk To Remember

After Reese stopped throwing up yesterday, we ran around Maui for a bit and came back to the room the the night. Reese was still itching to get out & about, so I took him on a walk.

We came upon a great opening in the rocky outcroppings where we could walk out & get near the tidepools.

As Mommy searched for shells, Reese threw rocks into the ocean.

We found a bird's dinner remnants....

Everywhere we walked, we were surrounded by thousands of pieces of broken, dead coral. Millions of pieces. It was amazing to just look down and think of all the beautiful coral that once lived within these skeletons.

Reese found a piece of coral that looked like an angel & asked me to take it back with us.

It started getting dark & our special little adventure was coming to an end.

As Reese & I walked on the path back to the hotel, a Mama Humpback whale & her Baby swam along the shore. Baby would come up for air, Mama would follow. Baby would breech. Mama would follow. It was an amazing sight...


blessedintexas said...

I'm so glad Reese is doing better. Sounds like you guys are out having lots of fun. Great pics. Seeing the mama and baby whales must have been awesome. Have lots of fun for all of us back here.

spinning in our own direction said...

Have I told you how much I don't like you right now!!!!

THat had to be Awesome. Hawaii had to be one our favorite trips Jason and I ever took. It's been 8 years since weve been. We want to go back so bad maybe someday soon you will put me in your bag and I can go??
Glad reece is feeling better. Miss you guys