Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun, In Between Crapping

Well....Reese's stomach bug isn't totally gone & while he's not throwing up anymore, he's sure having a rough time at the other end.

We made out way to Lahina yesterday to buy souvenirs and Reese lasted about 15 minutes before he was ready to leave. *sigh* He swam a little yesterday & played in the tide pools, but the rest of the time we were in the room.

He did eat a decent amount of dinner (a bagel & cream cheese and applesauce), and he's currently eating a PopTart (it's 7am here). So I'm hoping today is better and he feels like going out!

Our plans are to eat breakfast out & run to WalMart for some FOOD for the room! I'm sure we'll swim & head to the beach later. I'm really, really hoping Reese's "problems" are over...poor baby!!

Reese was restless in the room...
He decided to give me a "makeover"...
which turned into some crazy face art!

This was in Lahina, about 15 minutes into our visit.

Reese was done!

Poor baby....but he did find a good toy!

LOVED this!
With this kind of guarantee, I'm buying all my lucky shark teeth at
the Whaler's Locker!

While looking for a souvenir,
Reese had fun trying on tribal masks!

I'm crossing my fingers that Reese stops crapping & barfing
and we can have a normal day today!!!


Pamela said...

Oh, the barfing and the crapping. I think it's the universal test of parental love. We're about to start failing the test at our house if people don't start getting it together. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Your title grabbed my attention! I'm so glad he's over his bug (or almost over). And the shark teeth thing, that's just funny.