Friday, February 13, 2009

I Could Hang 100 Of These...

This Is My Family!
Reese has never been keen on drawing, coloring, writing...he would rather jump off the steps, run around outside, & create stories with his "guys". When we started our homeschool phonics lessons in the fall, a big component of our daily routine is writing letters.
He has done amazingly well in this short amount of time, & proudly makes his letters and writes words.

But drawing is a whole new ball game. He's never felt the need to draw anything!

I brought out a drawing/writing journal a few weeks ago, & it's been so fun watching him draw things. Today's journal idea was "This Is My Family!" Other than talking about the members of our family, Reese went to town & drew everyone on his own.

Reese wanted to draw himself as an alien. OK. I can dig that.
Personally, I think he turned out like Mike Wozowski from Monsters, Inc.
So stinkin' cute!

Daddy, with ears & feet...or maybe heels?

Reese says feet. I say Daddy wears heels.

Mommy, with ears & some Angelina Jolie lips.

Austen, with two eyes, a straight line nose, & a "mad mouth".
Reese likes to draw mad people.

I think Sissy is my favorite drawing of the morning.
She looks like Mr. Potato Head
Notice he did add toes to Sissy. But she has no ears.

It is fascinating to watch him draw. I made silly comments about his pictures, but only because I find them so beyond-adorably cute!

When I was in college earning my Early Childhood Education degree, I distinctly remember Dr. Fite showing us examples of drawing development in children. It becomes even more interesting when applied to you own child's work!

Reese is drawing in the Pre-Schematic Stage. During the Pre-Schematic stage, children:

*Draw circular images and lines which seem to suggest a human or animal figure.

*Develop the schema (the visual idea) .

*Draw to show what the child perceives as most important about the subject.

*Have little understanding of space - objects are placed in a haphazard way throughout the picture

*Draw primitive and tentative - Head and body only (tadpole drawing)
full face

*Add parts as skill and perception increase - feet, noses, eyes, mouth, feet, arms, body and hands

If you'd like to read more about development stages of drawing in children, check out this website and see how it relates to your own child's drawings!


Sandi said...

The very first thought I had, was this looks like a potato head family. and when I read on, I see you agree.

LOVE the pictures! Aren't kids a blast? See why I have so many.

blessedintexas said...

I just love the little potato heads. They are so darn cute!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Cute! I like how much thought he put into drawing each one.