Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photos: Carnival Cruise

We absolutely loved our Carnival cruise! I posted some pictures from the beginning of our trip last week, so here's the rest of the Blog-worthy shots! I'll be writing a comparison of Disney Cruise vs Carnival Cruise in the next few days...the results surprised both Jeff & I!

Hanging out on deck eating breakfast

Reese loved the hot tubs & had tons of fun wrestling with Daddy & the Hand Monster

Look at this toothless tiger!

More wrestling with Daddy

One night, we found a Bunny at Camp Carnival...

Every day, Reese loved to get his groove on!

Reese with "Fun Ship Freddie" after the kids' talent show.
I have more to say about Fun Ship Freddie below....
My sweet, dedicated Chicago Bears fan had to watch the game online, sitting on this crappy little stool in our entry hallway!
The sports bar didn't get the Bears game, and there's no wireless internet in the cabins.
So, with the cabin door open, & sitting in the hallway, Jeff could still get a signal.
What a true fan!

On our way home from the cruise, we stopped at EPCOT for the day before heading to the airport.
Reese's new cool ride is Mission Space.
He's always the Pilot. Today, Mommy was the dorky Navigator!

OK, Fun Ship Freddie.
Is this not the most creepy mascot you've ever seen?
By the end of the week, the kids didn't run & cry when he came into the room.
I guess they got used to his crazy looking head!
Sometimes, NO mascot is OK!


cbashara said...

Looks like an absolute blast!

momto6 said...

How fun!! I'll be waiting to hear your comparison....we did the carnival....

Soultravelers3 said...

Wow! Great pictures and it sure looks like you had a blast! We may be world travelers, but we have never been on a cruise.

Although some of the ferries that we have been on ( like from Barcelona to Rome, France to Ireland, Athens to Santorini) are like cruise ships I think with luxury cabins, wifi, pools and jacuzzi's and more.

We really like traveling by ship. It is really a great way to travel, isn't it? We sleep well on them too!

You are bringing back memories of those wonderful islands that I have not seen in a long time. Thanks!!

texasholly said...

I am freaked out by fun ship freddies pants...are those bloomers? I am shuddering.

The picture of your husband hunched over the computer in the hall is classic. Love it.

So fun! The pictures are great.

Jennifer Bogart said...

Great face painting. Our children love to get their faces done up. Thanks for visiting my blog :).