Friday, October 31, 2008

He Really Knows How To Push Buttons Sometimes

Jeff, Reese, & I had a big morning planned Thursday.....

The three of us went to the local police station for early voting!

Reese & Daddy went into a cubicle together, & Daddy taught Reese how to vote.

Mommy used her own cubicle because it was also HER first time to vote!

To celebrate our important job done, we stopped by Corner Bakery for lunch together.

It was a perfect day spent all together & I'm so glad Reese is home with us all day so we can do things like this together!
Instead of holding a mock-election in a Kindergarten class, Reese ACTUALLY got to vote!


Amy said...

Thank you for voting! It is a important task and I'm glad you participated.

Renee said...

Yea we did the early voting thing too. Keith and I had ALL our kids there and we caused quite a stir. Many people (probably the Democrats) gave us dirty looks, while the nicer folks (Republicans I'm sure), sparked up lively conversation while standing in line for 30 minutes!

cbashara said...

I've been taking Izzy since she was a little baby to vote with me! It's important!