Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Through The Years

Thanks to Butterbean's Mama for the idea...I've found Reese at Halloween through the past 5 years! I know I say this all the time, but it never ceases to surprise, how he's grown...

His first Halloween, Reese was 4 months old. It was VERY hot that year, so the cute head-to-toe fleece pig costume I bought would not work what so ever. This picture is from the pumpkin patch with Sissy.
Pictures from the actual Halloween night feature Reese in a pumpkin bib & tshirt, then crying, then throwing up because he was so upset at who knows what, then Mommy & Grandpa Al sitting in the car with Reese crying & throwing up while Daddy finished taking Sissy trick or treating. It was a ball, y'all! So...I like THIS picture much better.
The next year, Reese was in a stage where he hated anything on his head, so a hat or mask were totally out of the question. I needed a costume where he could fit the part without something on his noggin. This cowboy costume was perfect!

So hats became OK, & Mommy found this clown costume. I thought that this might be the last year I could get away with picking his costume & I went for something really, really corny but adorably cute! He was beyond precious in the little hoop-skirt type belly in the pants...And this was the first year where he really got "into" trick or treating!
I remember coming home & going into his bedroom with his pumpkin bucket.
He dumped all the candy on the carpet and just sat amazed at his huge stash!

The next year, Mommy had NO say in costume choice. Reese was determined to be Buzz Lightyear! Again, didn't care for the purple hood that went over his head, but one can clearly see who he is!
This year was COLD, and under his costume he's got on two shirts, a pair of sweats, & his tiny little gloves.

This officially marked the year where costumes ceased to be of the "cute" variety & they became the "superhero" variety. Don't get me wrong, I think Reese made the cutest Blue Power Ranger...but it certainly isn't a clown or pumpkin :)
Notice that masks have become OK now.

I don't have a picture of Reese yet for this year.
After Mommy firmly nixed the evil clown costume Reese saw in a catalog, he settled happily for a Storm Trooper costume. But he had to have the Darth Vader bucket.
And finally...I had to put this picture in when I found it while searching for the other Halloween pictures. This is a pumpkin at our old house, designed by Daddy....

Happy Halloween to you!


texasholly said...

So cute. Sorry I missed your trick or treat visit tonight. I am sure Reese looked fierce!

Pamela said...

My Wee Man was Buzz Witenear for Halloween this year. Same zact costume and everything! Thanks for your visit and your link up. I'll be back!