Monday, October 06, 2008

Day Two, Or Three, Or...Heck, I Lost Count!

My plans to go blow-by-blow in my blog summary ain't going to happen friends. I'm looking back at the pictures and the days all run together in my head! I'm sure Jeff could tell you which day these things were from, but I think I have them in rough order!
Day Two, I believe...on our way to Castaway Cay

Day 3: Day At Sea

Mommy takes a silly picture of herself on the veranda

And check out the sunrise!

OceanQuest was great fun! Reese & Daddy played Lego Indiana Jones

Reese drove the Magic & Daddy took a try too!

Day 4 Perhaps?

Reese loves the slide at the Mickey Pool!

We all played Foosball and I realized that I stink at that game.

Reese & Mommy decided to pretend like we were on the Food Network show called Bizarre Foods. Reese pretended like he was Andrew Zimmern, and we ordered escargot! Reese ate 1/2 of a snail and chewed and chewed and chewed...he was very proud of himself for eating a snail!

I think this was the day that Reese got his first loose tooth as well! He was eating a Hershey's bar and bit into it and later complained of his tooth hurting. Literally, at the same time, Jeff & I said it might be a loose tooth! Sure enough, the bottom right tooth is all wiggly.

Reese spent a lot of time in the kids' club this trip. Not by our choice, mind you! He completely enjoyed the activities there, & quite often told me to go away and come back later when I went to pick him up!

The Disney Cruise Line issues each family a pager for use on board during the cruise so that if your child wants to be picked up from the kids' club, they can notify you. Reese only asked to page us twice the entire was because he thought they were going to make them take a nap, and the other was because he thought they were going to take them to eat dinner.

Other than that, he didn't ask for us to come back at all! He usually spent some time there in the mornings, but the evenings were always his big stretch in the kids' club. He would usually go around 6:30, after we ate dinner together, & would stay until around 10:00. Seriously. All those hours, and he didn't miss his Mama? :)

While he was in the club, Jeff & I got to watch the Bears game on Sunday together, and we saw two movies at the theater together! We haven't done that in....well....since Reese was born! I knew Reese was in safe hands, and it felt really, really nice to spend some alone time with Jeff.

Along with the game & movies, we played lots of Uno (I swear he counts the cards), relaxed by the pool and in the was just wonderful. I think Reese is having withdrawls from vacation, because Mommy is not nearly as non-stop fun as the kids' club staff! :)

Tomorrow: more pictures, in chronological order, but I'm not sure which day...maybe 4 & 5?

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