Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Argh...Thar Be Pirates

Reese loves to be a pirate, so one of the things he was quite excited about was the Pirate Party night!

Reese wearing one of the many pirate eye patches we got as gifts, and a cool nose ring!
A picture of our stateroom door. We put up a US map & little star stickers. People put a sticker on their home state...and by the end of the week, we had 49 stars on our map!
We're going to make a graph of all the states on the map & see which ones had the most people!

Can I just say that I LOVE the hat Jeff is wearing? Picked it up in Cocoa Beach this summer, & it's probably my favorite thing he owns!

Notice anything different about Reese in these vacation pictures?

In almost all of them, he's actually SMILING! I found the trick that works.

Tell him NOT to smile for the camera, and out comes the cheese!

Getting ready for the pirate party in the kids' club & the Pirates In The Caribbean Party up on deck at night.

Daddy always makes the best pirate beard/mustache.

Need a cheap pirate costume? We went to the 2nd hand children's clothing store and went to the GIRL'S section. Shhhh. Don't tell Reese.

The black silky cargo pants make perfect pirate gear, and the white collared shirt with big cuffs and attached brown vest with gold pinstripes was just what we needed! His whole outfit cost about $8. Throw in the Oriental Trading Company pirate hat, and it was about $12 all together!

This was the 2nd year he wore his pirate costume, but I'm afraid that next year on the cruise it won't fit anymore...

Reese had big fun in the kids' club. He wasn't ready to come with me to the party up on deck!

The Pirates In The Caribbean party started at 9:45pm, which is SO late, but I always feel like we should go.

We decided that for us, we'll skip the Pirates In The Caribbean Party next year. It's so darn hot (perhaps because we have on long layers?), and it's so darn late! The party has a story line that goes along with the show, but it's hard for Reese to follow. I think it would have been just as exciting for him to do the kids' club stuff and leave off the deck party, and that's our plan for next year!
Up next....the last day(s)...

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