Sunday, August 03, 2008

You Know It's Summer When....

We always have frogs & toads that visit in the summer. This little fellow is a frog, with slimy skin, webbed feet, & a long mouth. Reese & I caught him in the pool after he was scared out of the bushes by the dog.

We looked at his webbed feet for swimming, his tiny nostrils on the top of his nose that were opening & closing, so he could breathe or hold his breath. We talked about why he had nostrils on the top of his nose instead of anywhere else (so he could float in the water with just his head above water & still breathe). We checked out his ears (that perfect little circle behind his eyes). We talked about why his eyes were on the top of his head (so he could float and still see above the water for danger). We felt his slick skin & talked about the protection it offers. We talked about his camouflaged colors.

Then we put him back in the bushes where we found him & said goodbye. He's always out on the patio at night though, so it wasn't truly goodbye for good!

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Kellan said...

I loved hearing about your frog friend and this is a great photo! Kellan