Sunday, July 13, 2008

SoulTravelers3...Check 'Em Out!

I've mentioned before the family of SoulTravelers3 who are on a mulit-year global adventure with their daughter, who I believe is now 7. They visited Morocco & experienced Berber life in the Sahara.

Read about their spiritual visit and then check out their video below. Completely surreal experiences.

The song in the video is by Matthew Marsolek. It's called tera nam ek sahara & by visiting his site, you can even download the song for free!


Renee said...

Can you believe allowing your child (and yourself) to experience such culture and awesome diversities? I would absolutely love it. We watched a movie the other night and in it, a guy spins the globe, and with his eyes closed, places a finger on a random spot when it's done spinning, and that's how he decides where to go. I thought it would be so neat to do that once a year; just randomly pick a place and go there, no matter where it ends up being! From Antarctica to Mongolia, no boundaries! Except for like Iraq or something, we'd re-spin that one!

Soultravelers3 said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Morocco, especially Fez and the Sahara is a fantastic destination for family vacations!!

I know I never would have expected it either and was a bit afraid before going, but we found the Sahara one of our favorite locations. Turkey also made us nervous before going and was wonderful and even easier than Europe and cheap.

If you can do extended travel there or any where at a distance ( as homeschoolers often can) you can also save a bundle as flights and housing are the biggest costs.

So glad you liked the music too! ;)

mommy2nicholas said...

Thanks for sharing the soultravelers3 blog. How amazing! I would do this in a heartbeat if we could afford to. But for now, I'll just live vicariously through their blog :(