Friday, June 06, 2008

I Wish I Could Do It...

Why is it that the local kid haircut place charges $16.95 for a haircut that lasts about 10 minutes? Add tip, and we're at $18.95.

That works out to almost $200/hour. Have you ever done the math?

So why do they charge so much?

Because they can.

I've tried taking Reese to SuperCuts, Fantastic Sams, & the like. Reese hates the clippers on the back of his head & usually protests and cries. Unless we want to go back to the chili bowl haircut or look like a hippie child, he's got to get the back clipped. Our local Fantastic Sams even has a sign that says "We will not cut the hair of any child who fusses" or something like that.

So we go to the kiddie haircut place, pay our wad of money, and come away with a successful haircut. Now that Reese is a little older, he loves to play the Mario Kart video game while they cut his hair. It serves as a pretty decent distraction for most of the cut.

At one point, I had purchased a $20 set of clippers to cut his hair myself. How hard could it really be. Big mistake. There is a lot of blending, clipping, & evening out that Mommy just didn't do right. Plus it took me wayyyyy longer to do his haircut, and it was so very messy.

I guess I'm stuck paying almost $20 for his haircuts for a while. Unless he'll go for a buzz cut all they way around. I think I could do that!


Elizabeth said...

Snorkie did not like getting his hair(s) cut the other night, but he loved watching the hair blow away-since I cut it out on our patio. He Kept saying "All Done?"
But we got through it. I cut everybody's hair in my family...I guess I should post that one, huh?
I figure I've saved my family a fortune this I can get Chinese food once in a while!
Pax, EJT

mommy2nicholas said...

I'm right there with you! Nicholas has had the same lady cut his hair since his very first cut at a kid's salon. When she moved to a different kid's salon we followed her even though her new salon was farther away. I was convinced that she had some kind of magic that made the boy not fuss and squirm about getting a haircut. I was recently enlightened when she moved to a non-kid salon, Great Clips. We instinctively followed her there since she is the master with my child when it comes to hair cuts. However, as soon as we walked into the "big boy hair cut place", Nicholas turned into a silly, squirmy, fussy little guy. It took lots of cajoling and a bribery of a toy (yes, I give in to bribery on occasion!) just to get through the cut. But we had to say good-bye to our dear stylist because it just wasn't worth the stress and fighting. He now does fine at any kid-salon with any stylist and the price is worth it. However, we have recently let him go with Daddy and the two of them get haircuts side-by-side. That has been a surprising (and much cheaper) success.