Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hiking at LISDOLA

We took a great hike Friday at the Lewisville ISD Outdoor Learning Area (?). Mrs. Deb organize the morning and we all had a great time!

Our first fun surprise was a stop at the blackberry bushes to pick and eat whatever we wanted!
Although Reese didn't really like the taste of the berries, he was very happy to pick them for Mommy to eat!
The berries were ripe & juicy & warm from the sun. Pure bliss!

Reese and his two best buddies were pretty much at the front of the pack most of the time. And they were usually tugging on each other to get to be "first".
We found lots of neat critters on our hike, including a lizard which camouflaged with the oak tree perfectly. There was a huge bee hive in an old broken tree & there was even a sign reminding everyone to be quiet around the hive.

I'm supposed to go which way?

There was a beautiful mossy pond that we came across. It looked as if you could walk right out onto the soft, green moss. Once you put a stick in it, however, it rippled & showed that it was just a thin layer on the water!

We found proof that money DOES grow on trees! This was actually part of the Unnatural Hike, where there are various "unnatural" items we were supposed to find.

So many beautiful flowers!

We played a spider game where the "spider" in the middle had to figure out where the "bugs" were by the shaking of the web.

After we came back to the trail head, we got to pick even more blackberries. Mommy emptied out a ziplock baggie & filled it with blackberries for Daddy to enjoy too!


Anonymous said...

You take some of the clearest and most intriguing nature shots. I love them. You are a natural photographer.

Elizabeth said...

Don'tcha just love Outings?
The BEST part about homeschooling is the ability to GO where you want to!!!
Next year I will be teaching an Art/Science class in our co-op for the 6-8 year old group. I'm going to do it as a nature study with each child keeping their own sketch journal/field guide! This is going to be a BLAST!!!
Looks like you have a great co-op.
Have a great summer!
Blessings, EJT