Monday, May 05, 2008

Yay! An Update!

Sorry it's taken so long to update. I always seem to lose blog-steam when we go on vacation.

We spent last week at Disney World...which is probably our favorite place on Earth to visit :) Grandpa Al & Janice were able to join us this time for a few days and Reese absolutely LOVED showing them his favorite rides.

One of the updates Disney has made is to the "ball ride" at Epcot. I think it's called Spaceship Earth or something...but to our family, it's the Ball Ride. Now, they take your picture at the beginning of the ride, ask you some questions at the end of the ride, & it puts your faces into a personalized movie at the end of the ride that you watch on the screen in your little car. Reese was completely in awe of this feature & loved seeing him & Daddy in a movie together! Check it out...

Here's a Muvee production of all our pictures. Can you guess where Reese's favorite place to hitch a ride at Disney is?

If you've ever considered visiting Disney but aren't sure, feel free to email us. It's a vacation you'll never forget!!

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