Wednesday, May 07, 2008

CoOp: It's Outta This World!

Our CoOp lesson today just plain rocked (doesn't it always?)! One of the best parts about our CoOp group is that lessons center around what each Mom & child are passionate about. Our host today, Mrs. Renee, loves the solar system so our lesson today revolved around that theme (yes, pun intended, har har har).

Renee has these awesome inflatable planets & inflatable sun. To begin, they were all hanging from the ceiling, and as she read an awesome solar system book (I need to find out what it was), she took down each planet.

You'll see the planets on the ceiling. Reese is Mercury & was very proud to be the hottest planet!
As the story continued, each child became a planet. Then they played a game & at the end, they were all lined up like this:
What a fun group we have, huh? Reason #129 I love homeschooling: You can be a boy & come to homeschool gatherings rocking your pink monkey pajamas and nobody bats an eye!!!

After CoOp, we went to our weekly violin lesson. We're still working on rhythms, bowing, bow hold, etc. Slowly, slowly we're making progress!

We stopped by Lowe's for some flowers before heading home. Reese absolutely loves pulling the big red garden carts. Today, it was full of flowers & he was doing a very important job helping!!


HRH said...

So sorry we missed it. I did at least get to see the boy who rocked the pink monkey pjs just before he left to go so I feel better about it.

mommy2nicholas said...

What an awesome class! You guys do the coolest things!

Renee said...

Yea, that teacher is hot!