Friday, March 14, 2008

There Are Just Some Things That Can't Be Done Alone!

It's hard to do some things when it's just Mommy, Reese, & Daddy. But what can you do with a group of fun friends & Mommies??

You can play Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, and Tag!!!
Thanks to Holly for hosting such a fun morning at CoOp on Wednesday! It's funny...Holly's husband commented that "Wouldn't the other moms think you're slacking by only planning to play games?" But seriously...Reese has been talking about Red Rover for days. He played it at Jessie's track & field events on Thursday. It was way not slacking to play some organized games!
Reese requested the game of Tag, & we had fun running after each other. Holly's front yard/circle drive/grass is perfect for games & riding toys. Except for that pesky creek with the steep bank on the edge of the property. But thanks to one swift Mom named Brenda, who jumped onto the back of a riding toy just as it drove down the bank full of children heading for the (very shallow) creek...and got dragged about 10 feet in the muddy grass...but successfully stopped the truck before we had 4 very wet children!
So even though it may have sounded like "just games" that morning, think of all the things involved:

*Following directions
*Taking turns
*Forming partnerships & teams
*Identifying self as part of a group (what color clothing you were wearing determined whether you were able to be tagged or whether you were "safe")
*Following rules of a game

I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of...but it surely wasn't just a morning of playing games!

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HRH said...

Just call me the lesson plan slacker...but it is always fun to do the group games with the unsocialized.