Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Symphony, Botanical Gardens, & IHOP...all in 1 morning!

What a whirl wind morning we had today!! Our first stop with our CoOp group was to Ft. Worth for the Ft. Worth Symphony's Kinderconcert.

We were introduced to each group of instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass, & percussion). Each group of instruments played a familiar song (such as Flight Of The Bumblebee)...I was glad they played things the children could recognize.

Next, an actor & actress came out and performed (in song!) the entire Green Eggs and Ham story accompanied by the orchestra! The boy in red below played Sam & the other story character (who did not like green eggs and ham) was played by a woman with a beautiful, operatic voice. Although it seemed short, the concert lasted about 40 minutes & Reese really liked hearing the violins.

Reese & CoOp friends with "Sam"
Now, normally, that would have been a day for us & we would have gone home. But some of our friends were more energetic & so we tagged along for more fun!

We headed over to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens to burn off some steam before our lunch stop. Reese was very proud of himself for walking along this raised curb:
All along the boardwalk area at the Botanical Gardens are interactive displays. When you push the buttons on this particular display, speakers hidden throughout the trees make the sounds of various birds. The children are supposed to guess what bird makes the sound & then lift the flap to check if their guess is right!
The water features are always a big attraction, & in the past Reese has managed to soak himself. We had a big talk about it being too cold to get wet & the fact that, today, Mommy didn't bring a change of clothes. Ohhhh, it was so hard not to get wet!
So instead of getting in the water, Reese laid down next to it so he could hear the watefall (just like Daddy loves!)
Our last stop was at IHOP because, in honor of the new Horton Hears A Who movie coming out, they have a special kids' menu with all sorts of Seuss-inspired creations. Reese opted for regular eggs & french fries, but a friend's Who Cakes were a work of art! I mean, a sucker with your breakfast (which was actually lunch for us)? Score!

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I missed out. Completely out. Too tired to participate. Too busy to come along. UGH.