Thursday, March 06, 2008


Thursday morning started with cloudy, wet weather. Then came the peppercorn sized hail...Reese decided to wear his helmet & carry his yellow water gun to fight the pellets with.

About noon, Reese & I ran to WalMart for a grocery trip. On our drive there, big wet snowflakes began falling. By the time we left at about 1:30 it was still snowing huge sloppy snowflakes & just as we were running out the car with a full shopping cart & an umbrella trying to blow away in the wind, the hail came back! As Reese yelled "Ahhhh! It feels like ants on my face!" I plopped him in the car and stood in the snow/hail/wind and loaded up the back of the car.

As we drove home, I went extra slowly because the slush was covering the road. Nobody in Texas knows how to drive in cold bad weather. Myself included. So we putted our way home & made it in about twice the time as normal.

Good thing we came home when we the time Jeff & I had unloaded the car, the ground was completely covered & the snow was falling fast. We skipped naps & decided to head out to play in the snow instead.

Now, Texas folks don't own much in the way of snow-appropriate attire. Luckily, Grammie had given me 3 pairs of ski gloves a while back. I found what I thought would be the most waterproof pants Reese had (luckily, they were completely waterproof & he stayed dry!), pulled out the jacket that would shed snow & wore one adult size of ski gloves.

Jeff, Reese, & I played outside in the snow for a while...Reese has never seen snow like this. We've never seen this much snow in Texas. As Reese walked through the backyard, he sunk all the way up to his knees in snow. Easily 6 inches on the ground. It was really amazing!

Here, Reese fell on the ground & his glove fell off:

Jeff worked hard at knocking the snow off some of the ornamental trees so they didn't break (he actually did it twice!):
I tried my best to make a snowman. My ball-rolling skills were lacking and it collapsed almost instantly when Jeff stacked my snowballs. Reese had fun kicking it down though, so I'm glad we didn't put much work into building it :)

After we came in & undressed, Reese and I parked ourself in front of the fireplace. Although he decided to make a very silly face, I liked how you can see his VERY pink cheeks!

For anyone up North, our snow day is probably pretty mild. However, when snow arrives in Texas, nobody knows how to drive. Case in point: our school buses were stuck (full of children) on the roads for hours, they've closed major roads, in front of our neighborhood a trash truck tipped over and another wreck happened. It took a friend of mine almost 3 hours to make a 20 minute drive home from the airport (traffic was horrific & the road closures made life much worse).

Jessie left school a bit early & she's hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Unless it warms up considerably, I would imagine school will be canceled, or at least start late.

And just to compare, here's a picture from yesterday...if you don't like Texas weather, wait around a day & it will change!


HRH said...

Greg added 1 1/2 hours to his commute and Bianca added 2 1/2 hours. I am just glad to have everyone back! That was crazy. But beautiful.

mommy2nicholas said...

What a wonderfully fun day! We need real winter clothes too though. I was cold and wet most of the day. BBRRRRR!