Friday, March 07, 2008

"Mom, I'm going to learn Spanish"

Reese & I went by our public library today for story time, but because of the Great Blizzard of '08 we had yesterday, the story time was cancelled. Crud! So we putzed around the library for a while instead.

Our town has one library & it's book selection so large. It's sufficient, but it's certainly not a big extravaganza of cool things.

The Next Town over has a much larger library, & recently I found out that I was allowed to join that library as well!

The Next Town library has a CD we love beyond words (Seussical soundtrack) so I was excited to check that out again.

Then we started to wander the aisles. Oh my goodness...what fun things we did find! This library has the entire Hooked On Phonics set (and multiple copies of the sets!). We opened up one box and started playing one of the we came home with a Hooked on Phonics pre-reading box.

Then we found Muzzy. I've seen Muzzy commercials on TV. I've heard other homeschool families talk about the greatness of Muzzy. But I couldn't see paying the price for what Muzzy cost, if I wasn't absolutely sure we'd do the entire program!

**Muzzy is a foreign language program with Muzzy as the central character**

I explained to Reese what Muzzy was, & he promptly said "I'm going to learn Spanish."

And he is. He put on the first DVD & has been loving it ever since. He'll throw out a Spanish word here & there. Go, Kiddo!

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hollyandco said...

Awesome! We are doing Muzzy for German the kids love him. Their favorite thing to say..

Ich bein dick (sorry if I spelled it wrong) - means I am fat and the queen says it over and over again - really tickles my husband.