Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wednesday CoOp

Woops! I've gone and done it again...had a great time doing something (this time CoOp) and realized I left it off my Bloggings until I went back and looked through the week's pictures.

Since poorHolly & her boys were ill, they couldn't host CoOp as scheduled. Tammy stepped right up though & (with only 1 hour notice!) cleaned up her house (which I'm sure was spotless anyway) AND prepared a lesson. What a gal :)

We had a great morning talking about dog safety. Some of our group is afraid of dogs, while others (like Reese) have never met a dog they don't like. We learned that you should do the following when you see a dog on a leash you'd like to pet:

*Walk slowly over to the owner & ask if you may pet their dog
*Make a fist with your hand & extend the fist for the dog to smell
*Rub under their chin or on their chest

What I hadn't thought about was the "make a fist" part. I always put out my flat palm for a dog to smell, but it make sense that fingers are much easier to snip than a closed fist! After Tammy gave everyone a quick review, in came Nicky to help reinforce & practice!!

Tammy's big, sweet puppy Nicky came inside & MeLissa pretended like she was walking her dog. Each child came up, asked if they could pet her dog, then extended their fist for Nicky to smell (or lick like crazy...whatever).

Reese found this cross on Tammy's table & instantly made it into his violin.

After we got home, we played outside just a bit before nap time. Reese thought it was hillarious to kick leaves at Mommy. Silly boy :)

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HRH said...

That is the worst thing about being sick...missing Wed! That looks like so much fun. The leaf kicking looks like way more fun then we had!