Saturday, February 02, 2008


Standing at the dishwasher yesterday, Reese looked at the countdown timer that shows how much washing time is left in each cycle. He studied it for a minute, & said "This says 44." And it almost immediately changed & he piped up "Now it says 43."

That tiny, little comment reaffirmed our teaching methods thus far...more than I could even express.

We have never looked at a 100s chart, never practiced writing numbers (he could care less right now), never purposely identified numbers 1-100 or any such activity. Whenever we see numbers in books, I point them out. Just yesterday, in The Little Engine That Could, the red engine had the number "7" on it. I showed him the number, asked what number it was, & moved on. When we talk about Chicago Bears football & the players, we'll talk about their numbers. Real life situations...I try to point out numbers as we encounter them in our day.

I don't know where he ever saw "44" or heard me talk about "forty four". But somewhere along the line, it connected & all on his own he came up with the numbers on the dishwasher. Perhaps God was sending me a sign....earlier yesterday I was contemplating what to do next year...full Kindergarten curriculum? Just a phonics program? Keep doing what we're doing & learning from daily life? Forget any curriculum things next year & start "Kindergarten" the following year (which is when Reese would be going to Kindergarten since he's a June bday)?

Maybe just that little affirmation of his constant learning was sent to remind me to SLOW DOWN and relax :)

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dawn224 said...

that's so wonderful to have the proof that kids really are little sponges!