Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday CoOp

We gathered at Melissa's house today for a great morning all about Apples! We started by looking at three types of apples: Red Delicious, Granny Smith, & Braeburn. Everyone talked about the differences in color & size, then Melissa sliced the apples for a taste test. Everyone agreed that the Granny Smith was very sour, & the Red Delicious seemed to be an all around favorite.

Next, Melissa read a book about apple trees & that when you eat the apple, you're actually eating a flower! Reese thought it was neat to look at the bottom of the apple, and the little brown shriveled up leafy things were actually the left over of the flower blossom.

Everyone headed to the kitchen table next to check out apple insides. Everyone got an apple half & dug out the seeds to count & glue on their apple paper. We found that some apple seeds were easy to get out, and others required help from an adult with a knife! As always, Reese's idea of "gluing" something on paper means putting the object down (seeds today) and then squeezing a HUGE glob of glue on top of it. Works for gluing the object to paper, but sure uses a lot of glue. I always try to give him my best teacher-reminder of "Dot, dot, dot, you don't need alot!" but he likes his method better. Glue is cheap--so I don't fuss about it too much.

Our last stop before playtime was out front for some apple stamping fun!

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