Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday Party at Kidds Kastle!

On Thursday, Reese & I went to Kidds Kastle for a GLECPTA Welcome Back Party. What a morning! Bounce houses, snow cones, cake, the park, duck pond....what more does a 4 year old need? :) The weather was just awesome. Overcast, but not raining, and cool. A perfect day to be outside!

Here's Reese walking on a wobbly beam.

"Mommy, you can't see me!"

These pink tubes make sort of a "net" and you have to climb up this net to get to part of the play structure. For many years, Reese either wasn't allowed on that part (too high up and too easy to fall through when you're little!) or he just chose another route. The last time we were at Kidds Kastle though, he did the whole net all by himself. I don't think he could have been any more proud of himself. This time, he was up and down the net a handful of times & did great!

After eating a snowcone, "Mommy, is my tongue blue yet?"

At Kidds Kastle there's a duck pond & also a cool floating dock that you follow out to the middle of the pond. We've never been on the dock before, but today we spent about 1/2 hour there! We found bread pieces inbetween the wood planks to throw to the little fish, and Reese loved checking out all the spider webs. Although, as shown below, sometimes he got them stuck on his hands!

Sometimes, you just gotta yell!

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