Friday, September 07, 2007

Great Weather! Great Friends!

The weather has been so very nice the past few afternoons & Reese has loved playing at Reed's when it's not so darn hot! Reed's little brother loves airplanes...and I mean LOVES he was very very nice to share this big white airplane with Reese.
Next door, the Nolan's put in a putting green and Reese thought it was SO much fun to go "putter." With three boys putting at the same time, we had to make sure they kept the clubs on the ground and not in the air. Proud to say they all did a great job!
We missed CoOp on Wednesday because Reese was still coughing. Everyone went to a local bakery for a tour, & taking Reese into a commercial kitchen while he's hacking away didn't seem like a smart idea. Mrs. Tammy was nice & brought a bag of wheat grass seeds back for Reese, so we planted them right away. Mommy said we would have to wait and get a new pot, but Daddy suggested using the old tomato plant pot. Great idea, Daddy!

Add water, and wait for your wheat grass to grow. I'm going to make a strawberry smoothie & see if I can sneak some wheat grass into it :)

Reese helped Mommy put up the new birdfeeders. We usually have 4 birdfeeders set up, but the squirrels love to chew up these long, plastic ones. I could probably deter the squirrels better with some metal feeders, but these are cheap & we usually replace them ever year. Here, Reese is honking the horn on the golf cart. And laughing like a crazy boy.

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