Friday, September 07, 2007

Going To The Gym & Preschool Story Time

Reese went to the gym with Daddy today so Mommy could take some pictures of Daddy's workout. Reese has never been to see Daddy exercise, and he was in awe of Daddy's strength (so was Mommy!). Reese instantly wanted to lift things at the gym and found a red exercise ball to work out with. He loved helping Daddy put away the weights, & Reese's job was to put up the 2.5 lb plates.

After the gym, we ran a few errands & then headed over to the Lewisville Library for First Friday Preschool Time. What an awesome free activity! A storytelling troupe came and told the story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears. Funny, because when Reese was getting antsy at the hospital waiting room last week, that was the story I told Reese so he'd sit in my lap & wait patiently. So it was fresh in all our minds.

This group was great & Reese had such a good time. As usual, he gets front & center when he can. Three of his friends were there in the back, but he wanted to sit up front.

Reese has many nicknames, but the one that's stuck since birth is Reesie Bear (even his best buddy Reed calls him Reese Bear sometimes!). So when the narrator asked "Do we have any bears here today?" Reese piped up & said "I'm a bear!" So darn cute :)

He was very involved in the storytelling. It was really neat, because the props were minimal, encouraging the children to use their imagination. For example, the same lady played all 3 bears, and the only costuming done was hats...each Bear had a different hat. That's it. No elaborate Mama Bear dress or Papa Bear suit or anything. It was neat.

We have tickets to a musical at Casa Manana next month during First Friday Preschool Time, but we'll be back in November!

Here, Reese is covering his ears as Baby Bear discovers Goldilocks in his bed.

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