Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reese got this neat liquid-chalk art thingy for his birthday. It has an arm that hangs down & spins, which makes neat splatter paint designs on the driveway or on paper. Reese helped me put it together (although in the picture, we were putting it together the wrong way!). Mommy has a very hard time following directions to assemble things, and this time was just like most others. I put it together backwards & have to take it apart and start again!

Once we assembled the paint spinner the right way, Reese experimented with ways to make the paint spin in neat designs. The liquid chalk looks really pretty on the dark driveway when it dries! I did a few designs on paper with Reese so we could keep it to hang on this wall.
The black paper looked really pretty when the chalk dried.

One of Reese's favorite things in all the world is to help Mommy cook. It always takes longer, always makes a MUCH bigger mess, but Reese knows how to crack eggs without getting shells in the mix, he can work the stand mixer on his own (with supervision of course!), and he's getting very familiar with measuring cups & spoons. He's also working hard on his pouring skills, as it takes some practice to get all of the ingredients from the measuring cup into the bowl without spilling it!

Mommy bought a big box of fruits & veggies from our Early Childhood Farmer's Market CoOp, and I had WAY more zucchini that we would ever eat. I rememberd Mrs. Deb had a great recipe for Zucchini Bread, which is more like a cupcake than a bread. They're great iced like a cake, and you would NEVER know there was 2 cups of zucchini in them!

Reese helped me make some loaves of zucchini bread. Turned out absolutely delicious, and now I don't have to think of ten ways to cook zucchini!

Reese really, really insists on cracking the eggs all by himself. He does a great job, with only the tiniest pieces of shell getting in the eggs. Luckily, Mommy has a good eye and can pick them out before they make it into the mix!

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