Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."
~Elizabeth Stone

Popcorn for breakfast? It is considered a whole grain, and it was light-style popcorn. And he did eat a banana with it. So it's not that bad I guess :)

Using a Roomba vacuum spare part & a stretchy headband to make a robot mask. Creative boy...
Reese & Daddy have had lots of time together lately. Makes Mommy's heart melt to watch these two play...

Daddy & Reese went to fly a new remote control airplane. Right away, Reese got it stuck high in a neighbor's tree. Daddy was the hero though...used his shoe to knock it down. Daddy saves the day! After that, the boys headed out to the golf course for some open air space...

Which was just the perfect place to fly the plane! Mommy kept an eye out for golfers, & the boys had a blast flying the plane. It went REALLY high in the air, and both Daddy & Reese wore themselves out chasing the plane after it crashed over and over! Luckily, there were no water hazards on this hole. Reese found the rake in the sand trap & had fun raking too.

Daddy teaching Reese how to fly...

Reese playing flag football at WinKids class. He's got the ball, & doesn't want to give it up!

Reese playing at the park for playgroup on Monday.
We went to the waterpark today for a play date. Here, Reese was walking & stopped mid-stride to do some karate yell or something. It looked pretty silly, and a few little girls laughed at his crazy yelling :)

Trying to plug up a water spout on the ground. It's hard to make it stop completely!

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