Thursday, July 26, 2007

CoOp Day & The Boots!

Summer time with CoOp has been great. We've spent lots of time playing together, and since the rain has let up a bit lately, we've been able to swim together! Yesterday we went next door for the morning and swam, swam, swam. When we got out for a snack break, two hours had alredy passed!

Reese's friends had a neat bug vacuum catcher thingy, and Reese just thought that was WAY cool.

Mrs. Tammy bought a bunch of balls to put in the pool. What a fun idea! Mommy & Mrs. Tammy had a ball fight, which was such a great example for all the kids :) Everyone had a blast swimming, and we only had one minor incident when Reese jumped in the pool too close to a friend & they conked heads. After a few tears, everyone was OK though & back to playing!
After we got home, Reese wanted to "read" this "book." He spent lots of time looking through the Mad Libs book, and when I came back to check on him, he had fallen asleep like this. Precious!

Reese borrowed these snow boots from next door while they were playing & Mrs. Tammy said he could wear them home. He also wore them to nap, to Taco Bell for dinner, and to bed. He loves these boots & calls them the Pirate Boots. I say he looks like Napoleon Dynamite:

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Out in the backyard, Reese and I hunted for bugs. We found this dragonfly hanging on a foxtail plant. Look how fuzzy he is!

We also found a TINY praying mantis on our polka-dot plant. I zoomed way in to get this picture, but he was about the size of a staple! Praying mantis (is that the correct plural?) eat lots of pesky bugs, so they're great to have in your garden or landscaping. You can even purchase praying mantis egg pods on the internet, place them in your garden, and hundreds of little mantis babies will hatch from just one egg pod.

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