Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer School at Milestone Academy continues...

Entemology 101:
Reese found this huge, green bug that made a horrible sound with it's wings when Buddy tried to bite it. I have looked online & cannot figure out what kind of bug it is, but....
Reese was not afraid at all to pick it up. That's no camera trick...the bug is really THAT big! He held it for a while, but when he let it climb on his hand, it bit his hand with some mighty pinchers. It left a purple pinch mark on his he decided that he no longer liked that bug!!!
History 101:
Check out this formation Reese put together all by himself. He loves to play with his army men, and it was pretty interesting to watch him pretend with them today. He's never watched any army movies, M.A.S.H. is probably the closest thing he's seen to a war movie/show. But he knew the bunker was something to hide behind, & had his army men protecting the area. He had a whole story line going...

Art 101:
I pulled out an article from a magazine titled "50 Fun Art Activities" which uses just common stuff from around the house. Reese was getting restless this afternoon, so we pulled out some paper towels, a pipette, the markers, & a bowl of water. First, we put marker dots all over the paper towel, then used the pipette to drop water all over the towel. The colors bled and made a really pretty design. Once they're dry, I'll take a better picture of the finished product.

Math 101:
Reese asked for the "Pizza Game" today--the first time in a few months! And what a difference a little bit of time makes. In the past, he didn't want to take turns, he only wanted the spinner to land on the "pepper" piece, and he only wanted it to land on number 2. He would move the spinner arms to the places he wanted. This time, we took turns, he followed the spinner's directions, & we really were able to play the game according to the instructions. Sure is neat to see how Reese has grown in his game-play skills. Maybe it's time to try Chutes & Ladders again. We put that game away after too much frustration with how to play the game :)

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