Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So busy, no time to Blog!

So here's a hanful of photos that I've been meaning to put here for the past week. Seems we just have been going so strong this summer & I'm just pooped by the time I even think about Blogging! As you can see, we've been busy :)

Reese's friend, Reid, had his birthday party on Monday at his Grandparent's farm in Alvarado. It was about an hour drive, but WELL worth the trip! The party was loads of fun, & the kids just ate up all the outdoor activities. Here's Reese & Mommy heading out on an ATV ride. Reese wanted Mommy to go faster, but I drove like a Grannie around the farm.
Here's all the munchkins on the bulldozer. Reese is the shorty in the brown striped shirt...just in heaven by actually getting to stand on, and later ride in, a real bulldozer!

Here's Reese, Reid, & Reid's "Bampa" doing some serious farm work in the bulldozer. Bampa had a huge pile of dirt brought in, & all the kids had the best time digging, climbing, sifting, & even throwing the dirt. What a great idea, Bampa!

Reese has had lots of fun swimming, and this time was with Daddy. Daddy is always so much fun to swim with :)

Reese's tomato plant from our CoOp a few months ago is still going strong. Despite getting knocked over in a rain storm, I've been getting 3 or 4 tomatoes every day which is a tasty addition to my salads. Lucky me, Jeff only likes the red tomatoes, so I don't have to share these with anyone! They taste so darn good, warm from the sun...

We had a major rainstorm Sunday night, & it brought all kinds of bullfrogs into our yard from the surrounding ponds on the golf course & water around the neighborhood. This little guy was in the pool for a day, and I finally caught him in the skimmer basket. Reese & I waited until evening, & then we took him to the golf course to set him free.

Here's Reese, with "Hoggy" in the bucket, ready to put him in the water. Reese had lots of good questions about why Hoggy lived in the water, & why he couldn't live in our pool. Happy Trails, Hoggy!
LOADS of fun at CoOp today at Mrs. Holly's house. Reese (and all the kiddos) had a blast with the dress up clothes. We held a little graduation ceremony for the kids, & they put on a little play.
More dress up fun at CoOp today.

Yet another dress up outfit, along with his little graduation cap :) So fun!

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