Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spider Webs

Last night when Reese & I were outside at dusk, there were spiders everywhere. More than I think I've ever seen. They were strung out all around the trees, flowers, house, you name it. Not crawling, but spinning webs. I've seen spiders spin webs on TV before, but never in real life. Perhaps I've not stopped long enough to notice, but last night there were so many spiders making webs. It was REALLY cool to stop and watch them, & Reese thought it was semi-cool. If I had the chance, I could have watched them spin for hours! It was so beautiful...how they just KNOW what to do... Anyway, here's one of our "Charlottes" (as Reese calls all spiders, in reference to the movie Charlotte's Web) spinning her web for the evening. COOL!

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