Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Raindrops, Dr. Seuss, & Letters

Reese has never been big on getting wet in the rain. Until yesterday, when he found a set of ponchos that our friend, Mrs. Deb, gave to us at CoOp one day. Reese decided we needed to go on a Rain Walk, so ponchos on and out we went! It was great fun, and here you see Reese running down the little grass hill in our yard. He'd yell, run, & then make himself fall down. Eventually, his poncho tore and he was OK with taking it off and getting wet! What a first!!!
Dr. Seuss is one of Reese's favorite authors ("Don't forget Shel Silverstein, Mama" he just told me). He won't be able to use any Seuss books as first readers because he'll have them all memorized! This game is a Living Books game based on Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat & Dr. Seuss ABC Book. Lots of great, fun practice with letters!
Although Reese still won't write any letters (I don't push it...just wait to see when he wants to do it!), he loves to manipulate letters. I left these alphabet stamps out after doing a project, and he was very into stamping letters on the page. He was very methodical with the letters he chose...Mama, how do you spell DFW (the airport Daddy flies out of)? Mama, what word says /z/? He was VERY proud of this green page, and he wanted it taped to his dresser drawer in his bedroom. Blue painter's tape is the BEST for hanging artwork/projects on the walls and doors! It comes off clean & holds papers up very well!!

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