Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old...

One is silver and the other gold...
That song reminds me of spending time with my cousin, Corie, as a child. She had a Girl Scout/Brownie book with that song in it, and I remember sitting in her bedroom in Waco, reading that book, while I sang that song with her. Funny what sticks in your mind...I must have been 6 or 7 years old!

This week, we met some great new friends who just moved here from out of state. I have to say how much I admire Mrs. Sarah! Their family has been in town for just a few weeks, but she's already spear-headed a new Unschool Preschool group, and has toured more of Ft. Worth than I have in the past 4 years!!! It was so fun to have them over on Tuesday to play & get to know them. Mrs. Tammy came over too, and it was a great morning.

Today (Wednesday), we hosted CoOp and did a sorting/counting/eating activity with gummy bears. I had planned to focus on Cinco De Mayo, but the books from the library were all checked out, so I went with Plan B. Thanks to my Hubby for picking up the packs of gummy bears last minute so I didn't have to run out myself. :)

Using tongs to pick up pom pom balls & put hem in the egg crate. Reese liked doing this a lot. He also liked soaking the pom poms in the dog's water I later found out :)
Tuesday's playdate. The boys are reading Air & Space Magazine, published by the Smithsonian. Full of adult-level articles, but some amazing pictures of military planes from today and the past. Reese has his own subscription and LOVES the magazine!

Building houses for his army men. Funny how some toys, like army men, remain desirable toys for generations. Reese didn't have much interest in them until he saw Toy Story, and he found some at the store shortly after seeing the movie (thanks to Mrs. Denise for handing down all of Austen & Jessie's old Disney movies, including Toy Story!).
At CoOp today, we sorted and counted gummy bears.
It sure was hard to not eat them right away! Notice there's no yellow...that one went down the hatch before I could snap a picture. I was very proud of Reese. Usually, during CoOp, if we gather at the table for an activity, he's not interested at all. Only when we're at home, usually at night, will he want to do it. Today, though, he was excited to sit at the table and sort/count his gummy bears. It was fun :)

Check out that face! This was towards the end of our morning together, and I think Reese had reached his share-his-toys-with-everyone limit!

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