Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots of fun at the duck pond/park with friends! Reese found bugs in the water and wanted Mommy to get a really close look.

We found a lady bug larva's leftovers. They emerge as lady bugs from this cocoon-type skin.

I noticed today that my pretty roses have been picked on, so Reese and I set out today to find out exactly what was munching on my plants. I thought it was grasshoppers, but then I found that tell-tale tiny, black pellet poops of a caterpillar on the rocks.

Caught in the act! We found 4 of these guys in our search, and I'm sure there's plenty more within the big mound of rose bushes. As I plucked them off the rose branches, the evidence of their meals was quite evident.

As a defensive mechanism, the caterpillars ooze this "spit" that predators don't like. When I picked the caterpillars off my rose bushes, they gave themselves away as the munchers of my roses. Check out the nice, rosy tint to the spit that matches the roses perfectly. Nice. Even though they are eating all the roses off my bushes, I didn't have the heart to kill them; I just threw them down into our grass below the cabana. It's a LONG way up to any flowers!

As I've said before, Reese is a night owl when it comes to learning and eating. He decided he was hungry tonight at about 9:00, so we searched the pantry for a suitable snack. On the menu: peanutbutter & jelly sandwich, strawberry applesauce, and chicken noodle soup! In the picture above, Reese is talking about what he calls "options", and he loves to show his options to Daddy and Mommy. He sounds like such a little Man sometimes with the words he chooses. :)

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