Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Learnin'

Texas homeschool laws are beautiful. Although we do not qualify as "technical homeschoolers" because Reese is not of school age (meaning Kindergarten), when he is that age the laws are so homeschool-friendly. Some states mandate the hours that you may "count" towards your homeschool records. Some states that homeschool may only occur during "regular school hours." Texas, thank goodness, does not require any of that nonsense. We learn all day, in the evenings, on the weekends, during name it, there's always stuff to be discovered! Luckily, when Reese gets older, we can just let our livin' be our learnin'! :)

One of Reese's favorite things to do is help Mommy cook. Licking the beaters from mashed potatoes is sure delicious!
We baked our first ever loaf of bread...from the oven! Above is the yeast in the water. I never knew that the little packets of yeast contained these little pellets. I was expecting some sort of powder to be inside! And the smell of the yeast as it dissolved in the water...ick! Reese said it smelled like feet. I must agree :)
Waiting for fresh bread sure is hard! Reese couldn't wait to get the first piece....

Here's our finished, pretty loaf! This bread was called Anandama Bread and it was made with molasses and corn meal, along with wheat flour & other stuff. Daddy likes it, & I think it's pretty darn tasty too. Daddy likes to toast it with jelly, I like it best as sandwich bread, & Reese likes it untoasted with jelly.


I was cleaning out the kitchen know, the ones that tend to collect all the junk that has no other home. Pens, markers, gel pens, business cards, hooks, a hammer, candles, blank CDs, family photos, our wills, house insurance information, poor junk cabinet! I found a great jar of shells that Reese, Jeff, & I collected in Cancun at the beginning of the year. I put them on the table with a sorting bowl & magnifying glass, and the second Reese walked by the table, he was so excited to check out the shells! Daddy was nice to snap a picture of us working...please excuse my morning hair-do! :)

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