Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ft. Worth Zoo Homeschool Trip

The Denton County Homeschool Assn. hosted a day at the Ft. Worth zoo Monday, so Reese & I went along with his homeschooled best friend. The boys had a blast together, & it's always fun to visit the zoo on a nice day with fun company along!

Mrs. Tammy bought the boys these great rubber snakes. Reese has taken a nap with his snake every day since we've been home!

Visiting the aviary was by far the BEST part of our day! The zoo sells these "seed sticks" which are basically birdseed glued(?) onto the end of a popsicle sticks. These birds are quite well trained, because the second you extend your seed stick, birds flock to you! Luckily, the birds are very friendly & the boys found out quickly that they were OK.

I was in charge of holding all the extra seed sticks and before I knew it I had a bird on my hand eating the extra sticks! Important to note: I DO NOT like birds outside of a cage, so this was a big test in my "bravery"! I didn't want to scare the boys with my freak-out instinct!

One of the zoo workers in the aviary was able to get this bird on Reese's shoulder. Mommy's fear was that it would peck his face. I tell 'ya, I do not like birds up close! But Reese was fine with it & thought it was pretty cool to have a bird on his shoulder!

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures! The birds made this little "star" formation & were all happy to munch on Reese's seed stick. Cool!

The last hoorah of the day. A train ride for everyone. Some things that I didn't include pictures of here: fun in the Snake House, a great picnic lunch together, watching the chimpanzees play like we've never seen before, & all 3 boys sharing a Zoo Stroller together. Such great fun!!

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