Thursday, March 29, 2007

Museum & Fun at home

Reese loves helping us do everything. Here, we're transplanting some Lantana from one bed to another bed.
Reese is still all about war airplanes, and when we got a free sample of Air & Space Magazine from the Smithsonian I couldn't pass it up. Reese has his own subscription & as you can tell he is very interested in it.

Reese is also interested lately with what he calls "creatures." He found this bug in the house last night, & was so excited to tell me about the creature he found. It fell off his finger & the dog ate it...oops!

Reese wanted to make his own toast. Perhaps too much butter for my taste, but he thought it was perfect.

At the Ft. Worth Museum of Science & Nature. Reese thought the vortex was really cool...and FREE! I usually give him a penny to put in the vortex things that you see at the malls. This one had balls to go around, & we loved racing the balls around the vortex today.

Pollution Pinball....oh yea! The balls represented pollutants in the air, & if you let too many get through, the man's lungs fill with pollutants & he sneezes and your game ends. Reese loves pinball, so this was loads of fun!

The other acvitiy Reese loves is this wall. The different colored planks come out & you can arrange them into a ramp for the balls to fall down. Every time we visit a Children's Museum, they usually have one of these & it's one of Reese's favorite parts.

Checking out different body systems. You push one of the buttons & the coordinating body part/system/organ lights up on the mannequin. This was a female, so Reese thought the word "uterus" was really funny. Go figure.

Mommy & Reese eating lunch. There is a face painting table set up & after Reese painted his own face, he wanted to paint mine. How could I say no? I drew the heart, Reese drew the stripes & you can't see the blue blobs on my nose.

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