Thursday, March 29, 2007

CoOp Wednesday

Wednesday's CoOp was great fun! Mrs. Tammy talked all about writing & different types of books. Then everyone chose their very own journal and pen and we went on a nature walk, looking at trees. We all sat together on a blanket in the woods & wrote a group story about what we saw on our nature walk, which I will post once Mrs. Tammy sends it to everyone *hint, hint* :)

Reese's turn to pick out his very own journal. He chose one with a picture of cats on the front...chose that over a Spiderman one. Shocker!

Making some notes in his journal.
Everyone heading out on our nature walk.

Looking at the trees & what we see around us.

Big buddies on the rock wall.

On the blanket in the woods, creating a group story about our nature walk.

More journal writing. Reese was so inspired!

Rolling a ball up the fun fun!

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