Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wednesday CoOp

Our CoOp this week was all about money...earning, spending, saving, giving. Reed's daddy was our teacher & all the kids were captivated by his story. However, I think they were MORE captivated when he handed out piggy banks to each child, & after talking about the different coins, their colors & size, & how much they were worth...he started dropping coins in each child's piggy bank! And you can imagine the squeals of excitement when Mr. Mark pulled out a folder with dollar bills for the piggy banks! Talk about practicing spatial skills--it took some folding & practicing to make the dollar bills fit into the piggy bank slot.

Reese really liked the lesson today. When we got home, he asked if he could earn some money by picking up his cars. His piggy bank is now almost full of change & he's so proud. He even slept with his piggy bank at nap time!

"How does it go in, Mama?"

Mr. Mark reading a story about earning & spending money.

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