Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thursday's Gerva Groovie

This week, Gerva Groovie talked all about Thanksgiving. She told an interactive story about the Pilgrims, and then we did all sorts of games, crafts, & cooking with Thanksgiving themed things. Reese's favorite was the Turkey & Feather Game:

The objective was to sort the feathers by color according to the color word each turkey had written on his back (red, green, or yellow). Although Reese worked on that for a while, his favorite part was to pretend the turkeys were spaceships & fly them around the Game area. Love his creativity!

There was also a cute game where the kids had to blow feathers out of a rectangle taped on the floor. They could use a straw, their mouths, or various squeeze bottles. How easy would this be to do at home when you need something quick to entertain?

Some other things that were fun:

Practicing setting the Thanksgiving table.

Making a Turkey Cookie...great activity for following oral directions & completing a task in order. And yummy too!

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The finished Turkey Cookie. Yum!

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