Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Fun With Gerva Groovie

Today, our local Kroger grocery store held their weekly Preschool Activity Hour. Gerva Groovie is a costumed gal who the kids really get a kick out of, & she does a great job of inroducting the theme for the week. She even tap danced for the kids today!
Today's theme was Apples, and Reese had a great time. We mixed applesauce & cinnamon to make a dough, then rolled it out & used cookie cutters to make ornaments. Boy was I pleased when Reese chimed "I want the hexagon!" and chose the hexagon shaped cookie cutter! We also made apple prints with paint & apples cut in half, we made apple kabobs & practiced kitchen safety, and we even made our own applesauce! I liked Gerva Groovie's version of applesauce; no cooking needed--just chop apples, put in a blender with a bit of water & a dash of cinnamon, & blend well. Reese is always SUCH a good sport when it comes to tasting new foods, and he tried the applesauce but wasn't too keen on it. I think there was a bit too much cinnamon for his taste!

Apple printing

Apple Kabobs
Making Applesauce

Gerva Groovie also always has a few great games on hand that are homemade, which I just LOVE because it's so easy to prepare! Today, there was a basket of small decorative apples, and hidden in the basket were some plastic fishing worms. The objective was to close your eyes & use your hands to find the worms in the basket. What a fun idea! Reese's favorite game was the Apple & Worm Game, which is another creative game that makes me say "Why did't I think of that?"

There were five apples, with the numbers 1-5 written on them, and the corresponding number of holes cut into each apple. There was a bag of in-shell peanuts with smiley faces drawn on one end, which made our Bag Of Worms. The objective was to count out the proper number of worms needed to fill the holes in each apple, then put the worms in each hold. Great one-to-one correspondence practice, as well as fine motor skill work! And SUCH a cute idea!

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