Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Grapevine Botanic Gardens

For Co-Op today, we met at the Grapevine Botanic Gardens for a morning of bird feeder making & beautiful weather! The pictures below are in reverse order of our morning, so read from the bottom up to see how our morning progressed!

Upon leaving the gardens, a squirrel was on our path. Reese stopped and threw some birdseed to the squirrel, & he loved watching the squirrel crack open the sunflower seeds & eat them.

After we made our birdfeeders, Mrs. Deb brought some ingredients to make our own snacks to eat. Peanut butter on the waffle cones made a great home for raisins, Cheerios, & granola. Reese LOVED this snack!

Check out Reese's cool birdfeeder! A waffle cone, smothered in peanutbutter & rolled in birdseed. What a treat for the birds!

Sticking raisins in his people-food snack.

Spreading peanutbutter on his waffle cone.

"Reading" the information on the statue. This was dedicated to the migration of the monarchs which are heading to Mexico & pass through Grapevine on their way. "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go to Mexico!"

Petting a pup we passed along the way & talking about safety around dogs we don't know.

Checking out the pond full of koi. I was just waiting for one of the kiddos to fall in, but we were lucky!

A neat discovery by Mrs. Deb. A fall strawberry! I was so proud that the kiddos were all so respectful & did not pick the strawberries. I know it sure was tempting!

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