Monday, October 23, 2006

"Gomos" at Epcot!

There's always stuff to be learned no matter where you go...and Disney World is no exception! We spent last week at Disney with Reese, and Epcot provided a neat experience in South Africa. A man was using a "gomo", a small axe-like tool, to carve & chop a walking stick. He said he was carving a monkey into the stick, but I didn't see it! Reese thought it was neat to pretend his mask on a stick was a "gomo stick" and chop things.
There was also a neat game in Epcot that Reese & I was great for his hand/eye coordination as well as large motor skills. There was a scene projected from above of a town with roads, buildings, houses, etc. Reese's job was to put the center of his disk on top of any trucks on the roads & click his button. That made the "supply" for the stores I was in charge of. Any time he clicked on a truck, I was provided with more supplies. My job was to sell, sell, sell! Reese's trucks were delivering hot dogs, CDs, & t-shirts, and I had to keep up with my clicks according to how fast Reese's trucks were delivering the goods. I was surprised at how fast Reese could find a truck, line up his tool, & click on it. I don't think Reese had any clue about the whole buy/sell concept of the game, but he sure loved tracking the trucks & clicking away!

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