Friday, October 13, 2006

Exploring Pumpkins

Wednesday's Co-Op was all about pumpkins & boy, did we learn some neat stuff! After reading some books about how pumpkins are grown, Mrs. Jana told us all about pumpkins, vines, flowers, & seeds. Reese tasted his first roasted pumpkin seeds, and decided he didn't like them. Goody for me...I'll eat them all!

Mrs. Jana opened up the pumpkin for all the kids to smell, touch, & look at. Reese wasn't too hot on sticking his hand in pumpkin-goo, so he just watched. The kiddos all decided the pumpkin was pretty wet & sticky, but a few of them had a blast digging inside and pulling out goo & seeds!

I think Reese's other favorite part of Co-Op is, after our lesson, when they all get to play. He loved this little pedal fire truck!

One of the Co-Op Moms takes a Mom & Me taekwondo class, so all the boys were following the lead of Zenzele, our group taekwondo pro...

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