Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Color Me Mine

CoOp met last Thursday at Color Me Mine for a morning of painting fun! When I told Reese where we were going for CoOp, he instantly knew what he was going to make...a coffee mug for Daddy :)

He chose the colors & the mug and got right to work...

That tongue...comes out when the brain works hard!

"Mommy, don't show Daddy what I'm making until we pick it up when it's finished!"

The Color Me Mine lady was very nice.

She took the kids to the back room to see the kiln and told them about how they fire the pieces, and that it cooks them at 1,800 degrees! Wowza!!

We learned that if the pieces are fired and are touching at all, they will be permanently stuck together. And it takes about a full day to fire the pieces.

Who knew?

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Dawn said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. =) New people bring a smile to my face.

Your son is a cutie!