Sunday, February 07, 2010


Reese & I went to the Dallas Art Museum last Tuesday for their First Tuesday Free day. I really don't like driving to Dallas because there is always traffic, but a free day at the museum makes it worth it!

There is a whole room dedicated to children & allowing them to explore art, and there's even a great Craft Bar where you can choose from any number of supplies to make your own creation.

Reese used three cardboard shapes & I helped him tape them together so they stood in a house-shape. He took shells to put inside the house & a pile of pipe cleaners for the top of the house.

I was scratching my head trying to figure out how exactly we were going to get this masterpiece home, until he said "Now please take a picture of it so we can remember it forever."

He didn't want to take home a sculpture. His artwork piece was meant to be photographed :)


Chandra said...

Love it! So creative!

Happy Campers said...

Your display of Izzy's artwork actually inspired me today...I ordered this photo on a stretched 8x10 canvas. We're getting some little ledge shelves so I can put his clay "sculptures" on them and display some of his pictures as well, and I took out some old Dick & Jane prints I had in frames and put his artwork in there instead :) I love what you did with Izzy's room :)